Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Monday!

Last week kind of got away from me and all of the sudden it was Easter. I had plans for some more postings, but never managed to get to them. How was your Easter weekend? It was beautiful here and I was glad to spend some much needed time outdoors playing bocce ball with Rob's family and watching the boys throw the frisbee around. I even got a touch of sun! Saturday we went to a hockey game, which was pretty out of the blue, but really great. Rob's dad got tickets from work and handed them off to us and we couldn't have asked for better seats. Coincidentally, Colorado was playing Nashville so I was rooting for both teams....but pretty psyched to cheer along when Colorado won! And now it's Monday. Sheesh, it all just goes by too fast.

Gems from the world wide web...

WATCH: Oreo separator machine. This guy needs his own TV show.

NEW: find, Organized Wonder - a way to share and discover the best talks and videos around the web. (I particularly like this one)

LIGHTMETER: app. for those manual camera geeks like me out there.

CUTE: notepad. I definitely still write things on my hand. (and more new ETSY faves here and here)

MAKE: wine popsicles. Oh my! (another amazing looking frozen treat here)

SPACE: envy. this studio.

PLAY: dress up. love these looks!

DIY: air fresheners. such a great idea.

DRINK: me. sounds so refreshing.

MANGER: new blog obsessionThis woman is beautiful, lives in France, cooks, travels and takes pictures for a living, lives in the country and has 14 dogs (terriers!). I want to be you.

ILLUSTRATIONS: by lizzy stewart.

                                                             (photo via)

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