Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wandering Wednesday: Salida, Mt. Princeton and Leadville.

                                             ^^ the BEST bloody mary I've ever had

It's kinda funny to be writing this post today, to be thinking about how lovely the weather was this weekend, and how grateful I felt to be living in such a beautiful place...and now it's snowing outside on the 1st of May. Just when I thought we were in the clear. Well I guess I have one more thing to be grateful for and that's that all this nonsense waited until the weekend was over. 

I can't say no to a trip to the mountains. Not ever. So this weekend I found myself back at Mt. Princeton, enjoying the healing hot springs, clear air and gorgeous mountain views. I looked at the weekend as an opportunity to completely relax and unwind. We stayed in the cliffside rooms, and it was strictly a lady adventure this time. Liz brought her mom, who was in town from New Jersey, and invited me and Steph to join. We had lots of laughs, drank too much wine, and soaked ourselves in the warm river under the starry sky until we were literally kicked out. On the way home we took a couple pit stops in Salida and Leadville to do a little antiquing. Pretty adorable, those two towns....I want to go back and explore more some day, but this weekend was just too short to cram it all in. 

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