Friday, May 17, 2013

MAKE: Bleached Oven Mitts

You can never have enough oven mitts laying around in my opinion. I am pretty sure I have about three different sets in my kitchen right now. I love this little craft project because a bleach pen is a great way to add a unique design to any solid fabric. I got the idea from my Design Sponge at Home book that demonstrates the same technique on tea towels. So go crazy and be creative!


A set of solid oven mitts any color
Newspaper or paper bags
1 bleach pen
pencil and sketch pad (optional)
rubber gloves


Lay down newspaper or paper bags to protect your work surface. 
Sketch out your design beforehand on some paper if desired
Lay the solid mitts down on your work surface and draw your pattern on the fabric with a bleach pen
Let the finished oven mits set for 1 hour
Wearing rubber gloves to protect your hands rinse the mitts in cold water.
 (make sure all the bleach is rinsed off to avoid smearing)
Let the mitts dry fully before use.

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