Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wandering Wednesday: playing catch-up. in pictures.

I already feel like this summer is going way too fast. Like I'm living it daily, but I keep thinking to myself "hold on, wait up!" So here is a little run down, in pictures, of what I've been up to. 

Basically it's this...

+ being outside as much as possible and going on little day adventures here and there
+ watching my Piper grow up into a big kitten, which is breaking my heart and thrilling at the same time (p.s. another kitten update with many more pictures is coming your way soon)
+ lots of coffee, beautiful sunsets, and rooftops to watch them on
+ spur-of-the-moment theme parties that are so fun they leave you wondering why they don't happen more often. I need more costumes in my life!
+ community pool hopping i.e. the search for the cheapest, least crowded pool in the Denver area
+ and Gay Pride, a celebration that means a little more this year and is always one of my favs
(photos from my Instagram, mainly. Follow me @ bits_n_bobs!)

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