Friday, July 19, 2013

it's the {best} weekend! + a UMS music sampling.

I've been bad about posting on Fridays for a while, but this weekend is a very important one here in Denver. In fact, it's one that I look forward to all summer. The Underground Music Showcase (UMS) started last night and if the crowds are any sort of an indication of what's to come, things are going to get a little wild! This is going to be a crazy, sweaty mess of a time, and I am ready to embrace it all the way :) I wanted to share a few of my favorite picks. It's actually really hard to narrow it down to this many, but I didn't want to overload you guys. I am sure there will be even more to report once the weekend is all said and done. For a full list of the weekend lineup click here.

Here are a few national acts I'm looking forward to in no particular order:

PHOX- "Slow Motion" these guys actually played last night. I had never heard them before and loved them. Isn't she such a babe? They also seemed like they'd be really nice people and I liked that. 

Small Black- "No Stranger"

The Fresh & Onlys- "Long Slow Dance"

Cults- "Go Outside"

And these are some local bands I'm excited to see:

In the Whale- "Heels"

Bad Weather California- "Keep It Together" (note: these guys aren't on the official program but play a house show on Saturday. Check out fb for more info )

Kitty Crimes- "Find a Penny"
Princess Music- "Wounded Walrus"
{photos by me, from UMS 2011 & 2012}

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