Friday, May 15, 2015

Have a beautiful weekend!

I am trying to channel blue skies and sunshine today, because it's been hard to come by lately here in CO. I am hoping to be out and about this weekend enjoying some local festivities like Jazz Fest and maybe a farmers market. I so want to ride my bike around and be outside, so hopefully the weather behaves. Enjoy the weekend guys!

Also, a little link love...

ABANDONED love: photo series inspired by Miranda July's Learning to Love You More.

READ: Hahaha vs. Hehehe...How do you e-laugh?

BEAUTY tip: Do you suffer from tangly hair like me? This brush is a god send. My hair stylist used in on my hair last week and seriously it's the best thing that has happened to my hair, like ever. It cuts my morning routine in half. I know it looks pretty basic but it works wonders.

ETSY favs: this pretty turquoise ceramic bowl, these temporary kitten tats, & this sweet birdhouse for my imaginary garden.

FASHION statement: this caftan would be the perfect coverup for my vacation to Mexico coming up. If only...

MOSAIC potholes: aren't they wonderful?!

HOUSE envy: How dreamy is this countryside home?

SAY what: a cafe in Milan designed by Wes Anderson!

FAREWELL legend: B.B. King.

(photo by me)

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