Tuesday, May 19, 2015

MAKE: Tin Can Succulent Planters

I tend to keep things around not always knowing what they will become. These tin cans are a prime example of that. After using them for their intended purpose, I cleaned and stored them with the rest of my old jar collection...mainly because, well, they're pretty! I admit, I have slight hoarding tendencies. But seriously, I use my old jars and containers in countless ways and this is just one good example. It's called upcycling y'all, and it's good for the environment! This easy peasy project converts tin cans that you would normally just toss in the trash into something beautiful. Isn't that lovely to think about? 
I bought these pretty little plant babies for $3 a piece at the Cactus and Succulent sale at the Denver Botanic Gardens a few weeks ago. And since the planter is free, this whole DIY only cost me $6. I'd say that's pretty sweet! I am a big succulent fan. I love how they come in so many unique shapes and sizes! Also they are super low maintenance, which makes them a great beginner house plant. I have cared for several over years, mostly with success, but a few failures. Here are a few tips and tricks I can offer:

- Water only once a week, don't over water
- They like bright light, but avoid placing them in intense, direct sunlight
- Pick off any dry or withered leaves to avoid bugs
Fertilize once a month during warmer weather
- Don't leave them outside in the snow or freezing temps (this one should be a no-brainer, but sometimes the weather changes quickly in CO!)

  • Tin Can, empty & cleaned
  • Succulent plant
  • Drill with ¼" metal drill bit
  • tweezers or forceps
  • Potting soil


1. Make sure your tin can is empty, clean, and dry before you begin. You can also paint the outside with chalkboard paint or any other colors if you don't like the original design. Just make sure it is dry before you start your planting. 
2. Drill 3 holes in the bottom of the can (this may vary depending on the size, you may want to drill more or less)
3. Using tweezers or forceps remove residual metal bits from the holes
4. Pot succulent using potting soil. You may want to add a pretty good base on the bottom depending how you want your succulent to look. 
5. Place in a sunny location and water once a week.

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