Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tea for two...or five.

Today I went to afternoon tea with my mom, sister and a couple of friends at Homestead Manor in Franklin, TN and it was just such a charming, cute experience. We got to choose from over 80 loose leaf teas and let me tell you it was not an easy feat. I finally choose the Bryana tea, which was one of their award winning black teas. It had a hint of raspberry which went perfectly with the apple scone and little pastries! They also provide you with 4 finger sandwiches and a variety of condiments to boot. (can't forget the Chantilly cream!) The gift shop had tons of goodies but one that stood out to me the most were these teapot cozies. I had never seen anything like it...so, of course, when I got home I googled them and they are all over! I am slightly obsessed so I had to share. I found cozies made out of all sorts of materials from felt to your basic cotton fabric....they'd be the perfect gift for a tea lover.

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