Friday, July 23, 2010

Have a happenin' weekend!

Hello friends! How are you doing this beautiful Friday? I am trying to avoid passing out at the office due to some major lack of sleep. Last night was the first night of the UMS here in Denver and a welcomed early start to my weekend fun. Although I am feeling the repercussions, it was well worth it. I saw some amazing local acts. My favorites for the evening included Dovekins, Candy Claws and Paper Bird. Tonight is the second day of this four day long festival so, that is pretty much my whole weekend. I can't wait to get out of here and enjoy it!

Here's some cool stuff...

Do you think you could wear only 6 items of clothing for an entire month? These people did.

So excited for this on Sunday!

Brilliant fountain!

Yummy milkshake.

I whaley like this.

A beautiful Roman holiday.

The prettiest little tea strainer.

Cocktail of the week: Mrs. Julep

Love these painted signs.

Sweet watershoes...for boys :(

I like this...a lot.

Awesome remodeled camper- more here! (I wanna go on a road trip so bad)

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