Friday, April 29, 2011

Hello Weekend!

Oh summer, you are such a tease. You are here and then you disappear right when the weekend comes. Ugh, so annoying. Well, I haven't much planned for the next few days yet. My friend Marisa is coming in town and will be staying with me for a bit so I think tonight we'll go out for some cocktails and such. I am so excited to have her around, we always have so much fun together. Hum, other than that I really don't know. Hopefully some reading, good eating and fun will be involved. Enjoy it guys!

Also, I found all this cool stuff...

A little more on urban farming.

Sweet wooden watches here and here.

Summertime= hammock time. And speaking of beds in trees...

Funny plate.

I want this kitchen.

Beautiful barn home.

Teacup illumination.

Cinco de Mayo recipe! (another here)

Cool deer bust!

And I can't leave without saying...what a dress.

(via convoy)


  1. aw! the mocs are so cool! but i think we could do better... seriously, i want some zig-zags or at least some tiny beavers crawlin' around on the top of my mocs! na mean?


  2. I was thinking that too! It's so easy, you may as well get fancy with it. Come to Denver now so we can have diy craft night all the times!