Friday, April 1, 2011

Welcome Weekend + April.

It's been a really tough week but I am so thankful to all my friends for the love and support they've given me. It means so much to me (and sweet Muffin) and has really helped me cope these past few days. That being said, I am trying to occupy myself as much as possible to keep my mind off all the sadness. It's supposed to be beautiful this weekend--in the 70's (!), which makes keeping busy pretty easy. Tomorrow I am going to a fiesta themed birthday party for my friend Wil...enchilladas, cake, piƱatas and all. I'll keep my Holga close by. The rest of the weekend is wide open so we'll see. Happy April!

Also, this is cool...

Vintage love.

Who knew...Jeff Bridges takes some pretty awesome pictures.


Some good advice.

Make your own goldfish.

Sweet jewelry holder, perfect seaside dress, and lovely french tunes. (via Machbook)

Beautiful embroidered book covers.

Trends: sweater patches and stockings with sandals.

Pretty paint colors.

More salted caramel love.

skirt and chucks? she pulls it off.

For a laugh: awkward stock photos.

(photo via eros turanno)

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