Monday, June 13, 2011

Bits of Tennessee.

I took so many pictures in TN that this really is just a taste--my selected favorites. The summers in Tennessee are something I rarely get to witness anymore. I am always coming home for the holidays when it's cold (yes, it gets cold) and often raining. I forgot how insanely beautiful TN is in the summer. It's so green that I feel like it almost looks fake in some of these photos. The cicadas (note: picture 21) were in full swing when we arrived which, combined with the dense trees and humidity, makes the climate seem even more tropical. We did a lot in the 3 days we had there-- ate great Southern food, listened to some live country music, drove through small towns, stopped to do a little antiquing, caught up with old friends, attended a beautiful wedding, danced all night, hiked at Radnor Lake, visited a farm, ran from chickens, fed the horses, played with bunnies, laughed with family and watched one of the best sunsets ever. This was a successful trip!

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  1. i love these pics. nashville in the summer is so fairytale-ish...never feels real to me.