Thursday, June 30, 2011

Off to Austin!

This week has left me weak and exhausted. The past few days have been spent scrubbing, mopping and degriming my place. I am sad to say goodbye to my first apartment in Denver-- it was very, very good to me but it is time for another adventure. Today I am turning in the keys and then ,without a glance backward, boarding a plane. I am headed to Austin for the holiday weekend. I've never been there and am pretty thrilled to spend the next 5 days in the humid Texas air. I've only heard good things. The 4th of July is a holiday that is based around summer fun. I love that. I also love that I will be spending it on the lake with 4 of my most wonderful friends. I need this vacation. I simply can't wait. I'll resume posting on Wednesday, so I wish you all a wonderful (safe) Independence Day weekend! Hope there are fireworks and sparklers involved!

A few things to keep you busy while I'm gone...

Amazing...handmade houses!

Watch: Poppies.

succulent love.

Inspiration to turn moving boxes into something amazing...cardboard heaven.

Lovely strappy Swedish sandals.

A story of: stolen plants. :(

A twist on one of my favorite summer sandwiches.

Etsy love, cool coasters.

Pretty jewelry.

Good idea: beautiful scrapped wood wallpaper.

Lovin' these unique vintage goods.

(photos via Johnathan Levitt)

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