Friday, June 3, 2011

Have a spontaneous weekend!

This was a weird week. I am finally winding down from my vacation high. I was actually surprisingly loving the humidity in TN (not to mention the lush green trees) and have been a little sad this whole week to be back to reality. I did do something awesome last night- made popsicles! My brother gave me the Zoku maker last year for my birthday and I finally broke it out last night. I made a mixed berry yogurt flavor (using greek yogurt), and it turned out really tasty. I'm gonna make some more this weekend, it's addicting! Well, have a lovely weekend....x.

Also, check out this good stuff...

Take me here- backyard cinema!

Awesome people hanging out together.

Think I may have to cave and get these Toms.

Inspiring Ted talk about second hand clothing!

Making this pop over the weekend, yummm.

Watch this: Lace making.

On the search for some cool summer shorts.

Don't forget about father's day coming up!

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