Friday, November 4, 2011

Have a restful weekend!

Well, we are officially dipping into the winter months--snow #2 happened earlier this week and the clocks change Sunday. I'm not quite ready for it to get darker earlier but I suppose it's not up to me. My weekend plans are pretty low key...resting, reading and staying warm inside. I'm not in the mood for too much action. Have a lovely, relaxing weekend my friends!

+ Watch: Faber Castell

+ And watch: I believe I can fly...

+ For the home: sweet cheese plates

+ Need Supply Co: online shop...cute+affordable!

+ Amazing ideas: bird piano.

+ Make: Coffee Cake Muffins (love the way she explains the steps)

+ Adorable etsy find: ceramic porcupines!

+ Camera fun: love this new lomo camera.

+ Want: deer necklace.

+ A little trick: to cope with anxiety.

+ Read: paper runway.

(photos via Ana Cabaleiro)

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