Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wandering Wednesday: Talulah Jones

Talulah Jones is filled to the brim with magnificent things. There is so much to look at that it's almost hard to concentrate. Nic-nacs tucked away in corners, displays covering the walls.... I could spend hours in this store. Since it is one of my go-to places for gifts, I found myself wandering in last week in search of the perfect birthday present for my sister-n-law. I was excited to see that among the usual cuteness, it was dressed for the holidays! (I'm kind of obsessed with holiday decor) I decided on some Butter nail polish and cuticle cream for the gift and spent the rest of my time wishing I could buy pretty much everything in the store. Alas, it's not the season to splurge on myself. Bummer. I should also mention that right next to the gift shop is a little children's store with some of the cutest clothing and toys. So, go now, and cross of a few people on your holiday shopping list!

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