Friday, November 18, 2011

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wait what?! It's already the weekend before Thanksgiving, how did this happen? I will be flying home in a mere 5 days to spend the holidays with my family in Tennessee. Woohoo! This weekend I don't have too much planned. I know tomorrow I am getting a massage (!) which is pretty much something I've been looking forward to for about a month now. The remaining hours will be spent reading, dancing, cooking and playing til my hearts content! Make it count folks! Only a few more weekends til the bitter winter months are upon us. xo.

Also, look at this...

- PRETTY illustration: 64 moons of Jupiter.

- WATCH: Marcel the shell! (I know this is all over the place right now but it's so cute!)

- DESIGN: love the natural elements in this little apartment!

- THANKSGIVING: leftovers reinvented.

- RUSTIC gathering: love this!

- MAKE: homemade almond milk....yum!

(photo via bleubird)

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