Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wandering Wednesday: Spinelli's Market

I decided to start a new installment on my blog...wandering Wednesday. It will feature places that I visit....maybe a restaurant, a store or really any place that has inspired me that week. This week I wandered over to Spinelli's Market to grab a sandwich for lunch (I got the Reuben this time, de-lish!) and some sausages for dinner. I love little markets. They are so much more pleasant to shop in than an overcrowded awful supermarket. It reminds me of those specialty markets that are all over Europe (where did we go wrong?). This place is like heaven--shelves stocked with San Marzano tomatoes, a rotating dessert display filled with cannolis, brownies and all sorts of goodies and a real-deal deli cabinet with everything from homemade sausages to cured peppers and olives. Oh and to top it off it's a family business of course and a cute-as-pie Italian couple owns the place. They are always working there together and last time I was in, I caught them flirting--in their 60's and they're still flirting. I'm aiming for that.

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