Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wandering Wednesday: The Buff.

My favorite meal of the day is most certainly breakfast. I had breakfast for dinner last night (isn't that the best?) and can pretty much crack an egg on anything and call it a meal. I hate to feature two brunch joints in a row for my wandering but I can't help it! I find myself going out to brunch way more often than any other meal (I tend to make dinner at home most of the time since I love to cook and lunch, if I have it, is generally a sandwich I quickly slap together before work or some leftovers). I find that with breakfast there are a lot of things I like to leave to the experts (i.e. poaching an egg). How about you? Do you have a meal you prefer to eat out?

The Buff is a sentimental spot for a few reasons. I lived in Boulder for 7 years, and this was the place to go for brunch. A group of at least 7 of us would pile into a car and head here to nurse whatever damage we had done to our bodies the night before. This little restaurant is kinda odd at first glance. It's housed within a Best Western and looks more like a hotel eatery than the best brunch spot in town. But don't let it's appearance fool you. The 99 cent bloody mary is what kept me coming back as a college student and well after and the Ole skillet is to die for. I still crave it on a nearly weekly basis. When Sophie and I ate here last week I definitely felt a little pang of nostalgia. But there are somethings worth going back for, and this place is one of them.

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