Friday, May 18, 2012

Deep thought thursday...

A few days ago I stumbled upon this post via Kate Miss (one of my daily reads, love her) and was truly inspired and impressed. It's a topic I've thought about many times-- how the blog world is just this little fraction of people's real not-even-close to perfect life. I'm guilty of it too, I admit. There is this overwhelming desire to show the {facebook, twitter, pinterest, blog} world that sliver of your life that is working so well. But what about the rest? Isn't it comforting to readers to see people's struggles? I often catch myself reading a blog and thinking...I'll never have that house, that family, that job, that life. The funny thing is...that life, is fictional. It doesn't look attainable because it isn't. Simple as that. There is always a mess somewhere and it's nice to know that more bloggers are banning together to show more of that mess. It's hard not to want to write your own list after reading these posts.  I'm sick of all the pretty pictures and perfection. Aren't you?

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