Friday, September 14, 2012

Have a good weekend!

Relax <--- my weekend plans. I've been feeling a bit rough this week...tired and grumpy. I am going to use this weekend to revitalize myself. September is probably my favorite month (and also my birthday month, which might have a little something to do with it being my favorite) so I really need to snap out of it! I am brainstorming a new weekly installment here on the blog, that I am excited to present it to you next week. I promise to be around more often....I really do this time. In the meantime, enjoy the morning chill in the air and have a lovely weekend! Times they are a changing....

Also, check out this good stuff...

SHOE: obsession. it's getting bad y'all.

DIY: homemade photo filters. love this idea!

JEWELRY: I've fallen in love with the following shops...

HOW TO: make your own ricotta cheese. <--- on my "to do" list

INDUSTRY: of one. I love reading these interviews/looking at the photos. it's like I'm peeking into the life of a stranger.

PIE: minis! and in the shape of a heart? so awesome.

REINVENTING: the school picture. Aren't these so much cooler than the class photos from your childhood? The kids have so much personality!

WATCH: for a good laugh. It also gave me a huge urge to hear the real thing

GLASS: sculptures. they create such beautiful light.

INTERIORS: this kitchen feels so warm and artsy.

CHEMEX: I've been seeing this contraption around everywhere. finally my curiosity got the better of me. Does anyone make their coffee this way? Seems beautifully ritualistic. 

REVISITING: I know I've posted this quote before. but a little reminder is a good thing.

(photo via Another Passenger)

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