Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Thrifty Tuesday...

Here are a few goodies I've picked up lately. I'm addicted to buying scarfs and I couldn't pass up that beautiful peach chevron pattern...also the dotted one is a perfect headscarf shape and material. The 'doctor's bag' looking purse is huge and in lovely condition. My everyday purse was looking a little shabby and has always been a tad bit too small, so this is a happy replacement. And those shoes...aren't they beauties? I don't really wear high heels much but I was drawn to them. Lastly, I got some bowls to match my platter I found a few months ago (don't you love it when that works out?!) I got a total of 6. 3 small, 3 large. I just love that turquoise leaf pattern. 

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