Monday, August 26, 2013

Bits of my weekends...

Even though they are always kind of bittersweet, I love these last few weeks of summer-- when the weather is aammaazzing and there is all this anticipation in the air for what's to come. I am a fall baby, so I always look forward to the next few months, they are my absolute favorite. My weekends lately have been super lazy and easy going...lots of sleeping in, kitten snuggles, movie watching, and dinners at home. This past weekend Rob and I rode 10 miles on our bikes (guys this is a big deal for me, it has taken me some time to get comfortable on a bike)-- to the library, to Liks for ice cream, to happy hour! It was awesome and left me feeling good and sore. 

In other major news, two of my best friends are marrying each other! Aly is my oldest friend in Colorado--we've known each other for 10 years! She lived across the hall from me in the dorms freshman year...back when she had a lip ring, and I was still dating my high school boyfriend. eeek! Those were some good times ;). I met Stuart only a few years later in film school. I actually played a pretty major role in introducing the two of them (along with our friend Kelsey) and they have been together for over 5 years now. He finally popped the question two weeks ago, while they were cabining in the mountains! Although we always knew they would be one of the first of our friends to tie the knot, it was still really surprising, exciting news (I actually cried, I'm such a baby about these kinds of things). These are two of my all time favorite people and I can't wait to see them get married! Also, look at that stunning art deco ring! He done good!

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  1. Bean! Love you. Thank you so much for being my girl all these years. And thanks for introducing me to my man! We are so excited to get to party with you at our future wedding. xxx