Friday, February 12, 2010

happy weekend + valentine's day!

Hello my darlings! Hope your week was full of amusements and you are looking forward to a lovely, relaxing next few days! I unfortunately, have to work this weekend :( but Sunday I will get a nice long day off and I plan on using it wisely by going to the park, baking some cookies and going to an anti-Valentine's Day cocktail party (where the cookies will be eaten of course!) My love is abroad for a couple more months, so this year I will be spending this dreadful holiday alone (although we do have a skype date tomorrow!)...but not really alone because this is a time for the sad and broken hearted to unite! Well, I hope at some point this weekend, no matter what shape or form it may take, you find love, because it's all around us and it's beautiful. Happy Valentine's Day! ....x

Check this stuff out...

They just came out with the Penguin classics version of my book club book...and also four other titles. Gosh they are just so pretty.

Do you commute? My recent move to Denver has added twenty five minutes to my normal fifteen minute drive to work....this article made me realize that I am defiantly not alone (one lady commutes over 3 hours each way everyday! CRAZY!)

beautiful snowy photographs.

Ever wanted to take a peek inside a celebrity home?

(photo via isphotography)

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