Friday, February 5, 2010

Hello February.

Hello my dears! How's life treating you? Any amazing weekend plans? Well, tonight I am staying in with some leftover chili and a movie. Tomorrow I am going to take advantage of that free day at the art museum and then later that night I will be on sipping on some margaritas with friends. Sunday I will attempt to watch the Super Bowl (is it bad that my favorite part about this day is the queso dip?!) and there ya go...that's my weekend. Hope you have a good one :)

Oh and look at all this loveliness...

The Poppies (aka the jury's choice awards for crafters!)

A common kitchen blunder...SOLVED!

Paper airplane decor sweet.

Cute DIY Valentine's gift idea...(and here!)

Noodle the Narwhal. I want him!

The perfect Valentine's

Trend alert: Chevron stripes.

Another New Years "goal": learn to make jam and's a good start!

This leaf lantern makes me feel warm and cozy!

This video of the title sequence for a popular Dutch TV show makes me laugh.

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