Monday, February 8, 2010

Inspirational bits: James Jowers

Todays inspiration comes from photographer James Jowers. His images are so raw compared to the manipulated perfection we are used to this day and age. I feel like so much emotion comes through these photographs. Every picture tells more of a story the longer you stare into it. His inspiration? 1960's and early 70's New York City. It seems like a very different (perhaps happier?) time. He captures such fleeting, amazing moments...I just want to step inside for a while...

(via Sally Jane Vintage)


  1. That first one, in the rain, that's my favorite. Except, where are all the women? Do they dissolve when wet?

  2. There is one woman/girl to the left of the guy that is looking up (and kind of reminds me of Jesus). If you click on the picture it shows you a large version and you can see it better. It's my favorite too! Rain can do such wonderful things to a person!