Friday, February 19, 2010

It's Friday!

Hello my dears! How was this week for you? My week was good but I am definitely ready for a nice relaxing weekend! Tonight I am going to a fancy birthday party with the goal of meeting new people in mind. It can be hard in a new city, ya know? Slowly though, I am getting myself out there and it feels really nice. Meeting interesting, new people can be so refreshing. It puts a whole new perspective on things. At some point this weekend I wanted to test out my new Holga but the forecast is showing gray and snowy everyday. Maybe I'll get lucky. Sunday night, I am planning on going to Solera with my sister for restaurant week in Denver. (white truffle mac n' cheese and Guinness ice-cream, yes please!) Hope you all have wonderful weekend! x.

Oh an look at all these cool things...

A bedroom make of cardboard!

and speaking of cardboard...look at this toilet roll work of art!

more Miranda July...

This layered Jello mold looks like the inside of a kaleidoscope!

I want...these outfits.

These pothole gardens make me smile :)

The amazing cut-out skills of Famille Summerbelle

Behind the scenes- Vanity Fair shoot. (p.s. this cover had some controversy due its lack in diversity...what do you think?)

Are you watching the Olympics at all? I don't have cable :( but I watched them over at a friends house the other night and it gets so addicting. We sat there for two hours and it felt like only 10 min. Anyways, this Olympic themed party seems like tons of fun!

*** To all my Colorado readers: next week is restaurant week in Denver and surrounding areas! This means that tons of expensive restaurants (that you would never be able to afford otherwise) are offering 3 or 4 course meals for $25 per person! Click here for a list of all the places to choose from!

(photo via Sam Coldy)

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