Friday, March 5, 2010

It's Friday!

Hello my loves. I am so greatful for all your blessings and general wonderfulness! I can not thank you enough for your support right now. I appreciate it more than words can express. Truly.
In other news, I hope you are looking forward to an enjoyable weekend ahead. Any plans? I don't have many at the moment. I do know that it will likely include good company, good food and good drink. My favorite combination. See you in a couple days my dears.

Oh hey, don't forget to look at these neat things...

This 50's s veil hair piece makes me swoooon.

Some very true words.

Find your way around Manhattan in this subway bathroom!

Loving this inspirational collage journal.

Hot cross buns, hot cross buns. One ha' penny, two ha' penny...

This layered forest tabletop clock is oh so cute.

This Etsy vintage directory really simplifies things! (although I can't help but like to dig myself)

I have a slight obsession with decorative birdcages.

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