Monday, March 8, 2010

Return to sender.

So last night a friend and I got to talking about funny things we've sent in the mail. She had taken the phrase, "send me a slice of pizza" quite literally, actually stuffing a New York style pizza in a standard size envelope! A few days later she got it back, very smelly and greasy, with the words "ummm?" written on top. This made me laugh out loud. What other odd things are people sending in the mail? I did find this NYtimes article about the contents found in dead letters. It lists everything from butterflies to gas burners to rattle snakes' (yikes!) to squirrel tails and this article was published way back in 1875! Imagine what we've come up with since then. I also found another article about testing the limits of the post office. The people who wrote this purposefully found unusual things to send in the mail, as a kind of experiment. (brick, coconut, balloon, sound emitting toy, dead fish, etc...) What funny things have you sent?

(via Your Secret Admiral)

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