Monday, October 11, 2010

Take a look: Liebling

I wouldn't really call myself a shoe girl. I know...gasp. I usually have only about two or three pairs of shoes that I actually wear on constant rotation. However, after stumbling upon shoe designer Liebling, I finally started to understand the shoe fetish thing. These hand-made, high quality shoes are designed and manufactured in Israel in limited edition batches and are just stunning. The creators of this label are two women with very unique backgrounds--one is a specializes in postproduction and animation and the other in art and building preservation. Quite an unlikely pair to fall into the design world I must say. When speaking of the philosophy behind their shoes they say,"We believe that when a woman feels comfortable and peaceful she is projecting beauty and confidence also to the outside.” Well, they are definitely doing something right if they've got me interested. I am really loving the Sasha and Uma design. Which ones are your favorite?

(via Oh Joy)

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