Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Recent happenings.

I'm back! Dang, that was a chock full of every activity imaginable kind of vacation! We were moving, moving, moving all day long and my body has tons of scrapes and aches and bruises to show for it. I feel good though, a good worn out kinda feeling. Our days started early so we could cease the calmer hours on the water. I so loved being on a boat again. I had a lakehouse growing up and it is the greatest sensation to be gliding along with the wind in your hair, your body sticky with sunscreen. Austin was hot. I mean the water was 90 degrees hot. The air was over 100. Which is why I spent most days in the water, lake or pool, when the sun was high.

I snapped these photos pre-vacation. I wanted to share the move and other recent happenings that I've been slow about posting due to not having a lot of personal time. Things are not quite back to normal. I am still looking for a place to live and have been feeling rather scattered since my belongings are literally scattered about Denver at different friends houses. I feel very lucky too, to have friends that keep me grounded during crazy times. Hope you guys are having a good, short week so far. Austin pics are coming!

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