Monday, August 22, 2011

Take a look: The Burning House.

It's an age old question. What belongings would you grab in the face of a fire? Well, Foster Huntington decided to really document this question in a series of photographs which are quite fascinating. He asked people from age 10 to 91 to display their things for one simple yet extremely telling photo. He found that the word 'irreplaceable' often changes meaning with age. And to one lady, it meant everything but her own life...

I asked myself what can I say from this—what good can come out? The only good thing is that you realize whatever you possess are THINGS. And so it's not easy to replace anything you've painted, but—they are THINGS. You—alive! The best thing you have is your life, you see? And this is why now, in my old age, I feel if anything happens…

I mean there are certain things—like you might have a certain brush, but you can work it out and get another one, you know. Almost anything is replaceable, except your life. And that is what's important.

– Iiona Royce Smithkin, 91, a real life fire victim (pictured in the final photo)

*I'm curious, what would you grab? I would have to say my cameras, photos, hard-drive and laptop would be top on my list. Along with some thrift store finds I consider to be 'priceless'. Maybe I'll post my own Burning House photo sometime this week*

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