Friday, August 19, 2011

Have a bold weekend!

I've been putting off some major chores that I must check off the list this weekend. One is the curtains. While waking up to a sun filled room at 7am has made me much more productive in the mornings, I need my sleep. It's just too important to put off any longer. The other daunting task is getting my queen size box spring under my mattress where it belongs. Like I said before, since we live in a lovely old building the stairs are a little tricky and the ceilings are too low to fit it past the turns--so we must pulley it up through the outside of the building. This will require several helpers and a lot of rope. Hence the procrastination. This will be my Saturday. Jealous? Thought so.

Luckily, Saturday night will be spent with friends, a small gathering before this show and then some major dancing. Go relax my dears, see you Monday!

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