Friday, September 16, 2011

Have a grand weekend!

Tonight Rob and I are gathering a few friends and having a joint mini birthday celebration at the bowling alley. My birthday isn't for almost another week (the 22nd, wink wink) but my sister is coming in town for it and I think it's gonna be more of a family oriented affair. Plus, Rob's birthday is on Sunday and so just makes sense to do it together. It's funny how the older you get the more you just kinda want your closest friends gathered in one place. A big party just doesn't suit me anymore. Have a delightful couple of days! Go outside-- hasn't the weather been awesome?!

Also, check out...

ETSY find: Bark.

DIY: terrarium.

The most adorable hot water bottle cover.

Anatomy of bacon.

Pretty carved stamps and knitwear shop.

(photo via gear)


  1. happy almost birthday my deary!!! also who is ROB.

  2. My boyfriend of course, I told you a little but about him when I went to your wedding. Sheesh, we should email and catch up! Thanks for the birthday wishes hun, miss ya!