Friday, September 30, 2011

Have a pretty weekend!

I'm not really sure what the weekend has in store for me yet...a few local ideas include the final Horseshoe Craft market or Justice League of Street Food party. Also, picking up an orange (yes, orange) couch I bought off craigslist. I'm excited to finally have a new sofa. I'll show pictures once the living room feels more complete.

I liked this photo because the other day, while I was on a walk, I was so excited about the beautiful weather that I had this impulse to climb a tree. I felt like a little kid again! I got a little sap in my hair and even a scrape on my arm on the way down but I don't know why we stop doing those things. It's such a lovely way to look at the world.

and, take a look...

EAT: pumpkin bread pudding.

STYLE: hip sisters. (Also, can you believe how much these sisters look alike? I've always been fascinated by almost twins, probably because my sister and I look so different...)

PHOTO: love. I adore the soft feel of these photos.

FOOD: styling.

COLORFUL: apartment and arrows.

HOST: a fall cookout! Love this idea.

INSPIRATION: Rachel Eardley.

(photo via margaret durow)

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