Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday Tunes, Secret Sisters...

I love that old country sound. There is something a little heartbreaking about it. My own sister saw the Secret Sisters open for Ray LaMontagne last week and brought me a souvenir cd over the weekend. I've been listening to them on repeat ever since. I'm totally in love with their voices and style. Doesn't it make you wanna roll down the windows and drive down a winding country road?


  1. Oh wow ! they are fantastic, isn't the internet amazing, from Michelle made this, to your blog to the Secret Sisters..........can't wait for my husband to get home tomorrow morning to get him to listen. He's on night shift, Thank you, Aunt Bee

  2. Well thanks so much for stopping by! I'm always amazed where the internet takes me (which is one of the reasons I'm hopelessly addicted!) Glad you like them.