Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy weekend!

Happy Easter weekend! I am actually really excited about the next few days ahead. Tonight I am going to see Titanic in 3D. Yes, you heard me. How can I pass that up? It was the movie of my adolescence and in 3D, how awesome. It's a no brainer. Although I am kind of expecting to be disappointed...(will it get boring? Is young Leo as cute as I remember?) Saturday I am going to an Easter Brunch potluck where I get to chat with friends I haven't seen in way too long. No more winter hibernation! Yay! And Sunday I have a little work to do and then I'm making dinner for my sweetie. Sounds pretty perfect. Have a good one loves!

Oh, and I lied, photos will be posted on Monday. So get ready to be bombarded!

Also, take a look...

WATCH: Luminaris, magical (thanks Aly!)

ETSY: love these pretty wooden bowls, perfect Spring colors (via Miss Moss)

SALAD: it's salad season! Loving yummy fresh greens right now!

JARS: are so simple and gorgeous. Loving these color block ones from Terrain.

SHOP: loving little studio. (I want this tray!)

ILLUSTRATION: by Hello June. Perpetual Bicycle.

EASTER: brunch fixin'

SWIM: suit. Are you ready?

MAD MEN: the story behind Don Draper's new digs...

ADORABLE: what's sweeter than orphaned baby owls...not much.

COOL: off with a fizz! Yum.

FUNNY: article about my (and everyone else's) celeb crush. ha!

(photo via we heart it)

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