Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wandering Wednesday: Best of...Denver Neighborhoods.

Since I've been wandering a lot lately I thought I'd pick a handful of favorite photos I've taken of Denver neighborhoods these past few weeks. To set things straight these are not my personal favorite neighborhoods...I just like the photos and wanted to share what I've been up to with you guys. Can you locals guess what's, what? I don't think I knew a lot of these neighborhoods even existed before I started doing this. Most of these I posted are familiar but a few are off the beaten path.

Here's the rundown from top to bottom if you're curious:

1. Hale 2. Congress Park 3. Gateway 4. Capitol Hill 5. Westwood 6. Capitol Hill 7. Whittier 8. Whittier 9. Park Hill 11. Park Hill 12. Park Hill 13. Belcaro 14. Skyland 15. Capitol Hill 16. Congress Park

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