Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday Tunes: The Porchlight Sessions

Anna and I took photography classes together in high school. We were both discovering our artistic passions at the same time and it, of course, created a special bond between us. Some of my favorite memories of that time were riding around in the car with her...windows rolled down, music turned up--we would go on little "hunts" for beautiful things or just take pictures of each other (cause that's what you do when you're 16). Sharing creativity can pose for very intimate moments and we shared many.

Now she's all grown up and making stuff happen and is a total go-getter which is so inspiring to watch. She's one of those people I am proud to have known for such a long time and am in awe of the beautiful work she's creating. Right now she's in the midst of trying to fund her first documentary and while she's worked on some amazing projects in the past, The Porchlight Sessions, is her baby. Like all aspiring artists, she has poured all she has into this project and is at the point where she now needs our help. Her Kickstarter campaign launched a little under two months ago and only has a week left to go! I encourage you to check out the trailer, watch a couple videos and immerse yourself in a little Bluegrass history. The stories and the music will give you chills! There is so much love and raw talent in even these short little bits. And when that's all over...give what you can, if you can...for me, for Anna, for the love of Bluegrass, music in general and the love of being a part of something fantastic. Spread the word! It's all or nothing at this point. Thanks my loves!

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