Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Todays daydream: Brittany, France

I watch Anthony Bourdain on a regular basis. He seems like the only travel show host that has the ability to keep it fairly real for his audience. Despite the cameras he still actually tells us when he's miserable, or the food is bad or the camera crew just threw a fish in the ocean for him to catch. It really is his honesty that keeps me coming back for more, that and occasionally the places he visits. The most recent episode was a case of the latter and kept creeping into my head all day. Brittany is a province of France located on a northwestern peninsula just below the English channel. The province is famous for its oysters, crepes and salted butter; oh yes this is my kinda place :) During low tide, boats are stranded on land and you can walk to the islands that were once surrounded by water. It seems like such a magical place...

(photos via flickr)

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