Friday, January 29, 2010

Weekend time!

Hello my darlings! Welcome to the last weekend in January! Have any plans? Tonight I am planning on going to Boulder to see a friend of mine dj at this place. Then tomorrow I plan on taking it easy and doing a lot of nothing. It's supposed to be really nice so perhaps I'll go to the park! I also have to do a lot of reading because there is a book club meeting next week and I am a little bit behind. Oops. Right now we are reading this book and I am having a little trouble getting into it. Well hope you have a fabulous next few days! x.

Oh and check this stuff out...

These shoes are on my spring wishlist

home sweet home.
Adorable fill in the blank Valentine's cards

Permeate marker on paper...I'm impressed!

The cutest little teapot!

DIY: paper ornaments

Take me here.

Don't forget to check out the Wolf moon tonight!

Loving these rustic candle holders.

This sweet table reminds me of my childhood.

Next craft project...felted hearts!

These chocolate and banana cupcakes look to die for!

I heart tea.

(photo via anna aden)

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