Friday, July 15, 2011

Have a fine weekend!

Sorry I skipped 'deep thought' this week. I've been having a hard time getting back in the groove of things--poor little ol' me...too much vacation time. Seriously though, it's been my first full week of work in about 3 weeks and I am ready for a couple days off! So sad. I did have a darn good week though. I had friends over and made homemade pizza (photos coming soon), I saw this heartwarming film and I had a lovely little date with my man at one of our favorite spots. What are you up to this weekend? I think I'm going to take it pretty easy. This is the only weekend in July that I have absolutely nothing going on so I'm going to savor it. Have a beautiful weekend!

Also, look here...

A collection, of heart hand polaroids (via)

My new girl crush.

Awesome vintage jewelry.

Loving this nautical lamp.

How to: look hot holding a camera. (or two)

Make: Thai Iced Tea.

Remember your imaginary friends?

eeek! So sexy.

Watch: these adorable sealions...I want one!

Closet envy. (p.s. this girl is 15..wha?)

Super cute forest friend brooch.

Read: Kinfolk magazine

All over the blogosphere: Other People's Houses

(image via)

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