Friday, July 29, 2011

Have a magical weekend!

I've been super antsy this whole week to start moving into my new place. Although tomorrow is not going to be fun, I think it will be really exciting to get the whole process going, finally. This weekend is pretty much consumed with moving and family time. My sister got in town last night and will be here for the rest of the weekend. Luckily she's got a wedding to go to tomorrow so I'll have time to unload everything while she's there. I can't believe she's been living in Nashville for 3 months now! I've missed her being here so much. It's gonna be really nice to spend some quality time together. Well, enjoy the weekend! Take a few long naps for me!

Things to look at...

Bedroom Inspiration: pipe bedframe.

Plate paintings: Little Owl Design.

Etsy outfit: this crop top and this skirt

What I'd like to be doing instead of moving this weekend.

Omg, I want this dog!

Brilliant kitchen tip.

(photo via the beautiful self portraits of Anna Di Prospero)

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