Friday, July 22, 2011

Have a wild weekend!

I'm not expecting to get much sleep this weekend. Not only did I attend a wedding and reception last night (arriving to work this morning with little sleep under my belt) but tonight is the start of the UMS, one of the biggest dance parties of the summer. And tomorrow. And Sunday. The Underground Music Showcase is about promoting local bands and is something that I have been looking forward to all summer long. It is an exhausting and inspiring 3 day long festival that brings the community together through music. And let me tell you, it is amazing. So off I go! Have a good one loves!

Enjoy this...

Punchfork: a new revolution in recipe websites. (via swissmiss)

Shoe of the moment: the wooden wedge.

Cool! Double decker bus turned vintage shop.

A smart twist on egg salad.

House of...stone.

Love this look.

Awesome copper ring.

A video: road trip.

(photos via 100 layer cake)

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  1. that copper ring is so cool! like a little finger present full of quartz - want it. good find, beanie!