Friday, February 3, 2012

Have a cozy weekend!

Today feels like the whole city of Denver is having one big snow day! I love it! I'm pretty much prepared to stay in and cuddle up this entire weekend. It's been snowing for a full 24 hours and supposed to keep going, on and off, until Sunday. At our house that usually means lots of sleeping in, warm blankets and big breakfasts. Thanks weather, for determining my weekend plans!

While your stuck in the house you might as well look at these things:

RESTAURANT week: is creeping up on us Denver, so excited!

DOG lust: OMG, I want one so bad. (also, awesome)

NERD valentine: we're all one at heart!

GREENBRIER inn: I visited this place as a child, take me back!

WATCH kooples: click on a couple to watch {the sweetest} short video.

ROALD dahl: postage stamps.

CLOSEPIN art: by We Make Carpets.

BEER bread: weird but undoubtedly amazing!

HILARIOUS and brilliant: v-day cards.

WINTER picnic: impossible at the moment, but a girl can dream!

COOKIE making: better than a candy necklace...

ONE photo: adore this.

LIGHT festival: in Ghent, Belgium. (p.s. this website is my new obsession, don't you want to visit all these places?!)

(photo via BKFST and chih chen)

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