Monday, February 6, 2012

Bits of my weekend...

sleep in snow day/ Erin's birthday cake prep, got a little on my face!/ lighting {neon} candles/ Happy Birthday Erin (I love how happy she looks)/Rob reading out loud/cool girl boots/Forest Room 5 fire pit/ FR5 bathrooms/ FR5 'High Noon' behind the bar/ Yahtzee @ The Thin Man/deviled egg prep/avocado perfection/deviled eggs finished/shit girls do during the Super Bowl/game day t-shirt/snack time/snowy rooftop sunset


  1. Dude. Those cool girl boots are mega hot. I want some! Erin? Becca? You? Which cool girls have their feets in there???

    Great shots, Bean! Missing the snow and avocados - haven't got an avo that's quite right here yet. The quest continues...

  2. sweet jesus that avocado photo just stole my heart.