Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wandering Wednesday: Williams & Graham

I want to say all good things here...but I won't. You see, Williams & Graham actually gave us some trouble. I understand it's a popular place but come on, being "kicked off" the wait list because a group of 6 people are 5 min late? I'm sorry, did you just tell me I had to wait another 3 hours, when I've already waited 2 1/2? I'll spare you the details and just give you the good stuff. Once we got in (and we finally did, after the "may I speak to your manager" move was pulled, thanks Kelsey)...

It was great. The drinks were fantastic--I had the Blackberry Sage Smash and a rum drink, I'm blanking on the name. The service 'in house' made up for the snobby hostess that I almost punched in the face (not kidding). And all in all it ended up being a very pleasant experience. Would I go back? once in a while, once the hype has died down. They do make their drinks stiff ,which I like, and I loved the company :)

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