Friday, February 17, 2012

Have an exciting weekend!

Hello my lovelies! Anything awesome planned for the next few days? Tonight I am getting together with friends for a fondue dinner (I have an avocado green fondue pot from the 70's that I like to break out whenever possible!). Saturday, I am taking some photographs and spending the afternoon with Bad Weather California, and later enjoying their show here (again). Have fun!

And some things to distract you...

DOWNTON abby: finally started watching this show! (any other fans out there?)

WANT: wooden frames, so chic.

PHOTOGRAPHY: eric cahan, beautiful.

WATCH: Sophie Blackall. (the genius behind Missed Connections-- this video makes me wanna live in NYC, so much good people watching)

PATTERN: wallpaper love.

SCIENCE: and art, test tube chandelier... (created by Polish scientist Maria S.C.)

ILLUSTRATION: Lizzy Stewart.

JEWELRY: hanger ideas...

VINTAGE: photo, love.

EMBROIDERY: awesomeness.

TASTE: new spin on minestrone soup...

(photo via the votes are in)

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